Our Patients

Dr. Guzman Amaro has extensive experience with patients undergoing general and cancer surgery. He routinely performs general patient surgery, emergency operations, laparoscopic surgery and more complex cancer surgery.

Some of our patients come to his office knowing that they must be operated. In these cases their GP or specialist refers the case to the doctor for a more detailed review specific to the surgical procedure. In other cases patients simply feel some kind of pain that friends or family have felt before and suggest they go directly to the surgeon. In both cases, treatment is a team effort. Our in-depth care requires careful coordination of assessment, treatment, and follow-up for recovery.

Dr. Guzman Amaro evaluates each of his patients to determine whether or not surgery is a required and a viable alternative. His evaluation for patients also determines risksor conditions that may interfere with the success of the surgery. The patients’ medical history will help you know what steps to take for recovery without further complication.

Successful Surgery

I found that light I needed.  Thanks to the doctor and his succesful cancer surgery, I was able to regain my life despite what other doctors had said.

Patient A. of 35 years had a pancreatic tumor. Despite the initial surgery, it was not successful. She was told that his cancer was not operable and all she could hope for was surgery for palliative improvement of his quality of life, for a short while. She also did a bypass so she could eat well for what was left of her life. But none of these operations were going to save her and she decided to explore other options.

A. was referred to Doctor Guzmán by another patient. She came looking for a light that apparently did not exist. Her case was complicated because the original surgeon that had operated on her had a long history of successful interventions and is recognized as also recognized as a leading oncological surgeon in Costa Rica.

Dr. Guzmán Amaro suggested getting a TAC, one of best quality to allow for an updated assessment. After analyzing it, he determined the current condition was operable despite prior diagnosis to the contrary.

The tumor was very big and the operation lasted 14 hours. It was barely a month after the original operation in which she had been given hopeless.

After her surgery patient A was able to go back to a full and extended life.